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Грипсы Wolf Tooth Fat Paw

Wolf Tooth Fat Paw grips were developed for riders that crave large diameter grips with a softer feel. The 36-37 mm installed diameter makes them some of the largest grips available on the market. The 100% silicone compound provides excellent vibration damping and is soft enough to conform to your hand for improved comfort. Fat Paw grips are produced with a tacky texture that works great with or without gloves in all weather conditions. This combination of features helps to reduce hand fatigue and finger numbness and also provides a great option for riders with large hands. To top it off you get bar end plugs with the Wolf Head on them!
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  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Material - 100% silicone
  • Dimensions: 36-37mm installed diameter.  9.5mm uninstalled wall thickness (compare to measurement listed on other RedMonkey products)
  • 135mm long
  • Plastic bar end plugs with the wolf head logo
  • Weight - 110g
  • Color - Black (for now, more coming!)