Расширитель кассеты Wolf Tooth 49T GC Cog для SRAM и SunRace 11 ск

In addition to working with Shimano 11 speed drivetrains, this modified 11-49 cassette works with any SRAM 11 speed rear derailleur and shifter. If you have an NX drivetrain, it drops right in! If you have XX1, X01, X1, or GX, you need a Shimano freehub driver, 11-42 cassette from SRAM, Shimano, or SunRace, and the GC49. The GC 49 is the latest addition to the legendary GC line and it's the biggest yet. The GC 49 cassette extender cog allow you to modify your 11 speed 11-42T cassette from SRAM or SunRace to create an ultra-wide range 11T-49T cassette. To achieve the best shifting, the GCs are optimized for Shimano or SRAM / SunRace cassettes. This includes 18T cassette cog for optimal gearing in the smaller cogs.
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  • 18t cassette cog is included with the GC49.  Remove the 17 and 19t cogs and replace them with the 18t.
  • Installation instructions on the GC tech page.
  • These are specifically designed for use with SRAM cassettes.  The clocking, or rotational orientation, between SRAM and Shimano cassettes is much different so optimal shifting cannot be achieved unless the design is optimized for each separately.
  • Design and manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Material 7075-T6
  • Colors - 18t is black and GC49 is available in Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Silver
    • Weight: 110g  - GC49 and 22g - 18t cog