Тормоз TRP Slate G-Spec

In 2016, TRP began working with reigning world cup champion Aaron Gwin. Out of the gate, he was impressed with the initial level of performance, but he did have a list of improvements needed to achieve world cup winning performance. Working closely with the TRP development team, improvements were made in nearly every part of the brake and tested on the world cup circuit throughout the season. The result is G-Spec, Aaron Gwin asked and we delivered on every detail. Designed in collaboration with World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin the Slate G-Spec adapts those details to our light Slate brake. All G-Spec level brakes will feature new drilled lever blades designed by Aaron Gwin, hybrid pistons (composite/steel) for improved heat dissipation, and tool free reach adjust featuring detents to make fine tuning the lever reach easier than ever.
11 749 руб

Товар отсутствует

  • Four piston forged caliper
  • Steel pistons with ceramic inserts for improved heat dissipation 
  • Indexed tool free reach adjust
  • Top loading semi-metallic pads
  • Available in silver
  • Adjustable banjo fitting for optimal hose routing
  • Split hinge handlebar clamp
  • I-Spec B or matchmaker compatible
  • Ergonomic dimpled alloy lever designed by Aaron Gwin
  • Weight: 283g (front)