Тормозные ручки TRP RL950 Series

At 39g each the RL950 levers weight the same as your favorite pair of sunglasses but offer an array of user friendly features. Sporting a return spring, adjustable reach, canti/disc caliper compatibility, a split clamp for easy cable installation, and a light weight design the RL950 is the obvious choice for drop bar riders looking to use top mount levers.
5 477 руб

Товар отсутствует

  • Top mount lever
  • For use with caliper or canti brakes
  • Forged aluminum bracket / carbon fiber blade
  • Hinged clamp style
  • Adjustable reach
  • Return spring
  • Color: Black / Carbon
  • Weight: 78 g / pair
  • Designed for 24mm OD handlebars
  • Options:

o   RL950 - 24mm Lever Clamp

o   RL951 - 31.8mm Lever Clamp

o   RL956 - 26mm Lever Clamp