Успокоитель цепи MRP G3

The G3 features MRP's patented integrated skid (US Patents RE 42,436 / 8,235,849 Patents Pending), which protects critical drivetrain components like the crank and chainring from damage and glides over rocks and obstacles. The skid and lower guide are combined into one solid structure. The skid and lower guide also feature our new attachment system, the Swingset. The Swingset system features a pivot at the forward skid mount that allows the skid to swing down for super easy crank and chainring installation.
10 344 руб

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  • Integrated skid protects chainrings and glides over rocks and obstacles

  • Includes standard pulley and new G-slide slider block for quiet, dependable operation in muddy and dank conditions.

  • Nylon upper guide

  • Quietring wrap on the upper guide's tail mitigates chain-slap

  • 34-38t sizing

  • Stamped steel backplate

  • All install and adjustment operations possible with just a single 4mm HEX wrench.

  • 236g (ISCG-05)