Расширитель кассеты Wolf Tooth 45T GC Cog для Shimano 11-ск

Remember when 42t Cassette extender cogs were considered big? The 1x evolution continues now with the even bigger GC45 for 11 speed Shimano mountain bike cassettes. With the GC 45 on your Shimano cassette you will have an overall range that is very similar to the 10-42 from SRAM but given the same front chainring you get an easier climbing gear. An 18t cog and spacer are included with the GC45 to eliminate the large tooth gap in the smaller cogs.
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  • Installation instructions on the GC tech page.
  • GC45, 18t replacement cog, and spacer for 18t cog included
  • Design and manufactured in the Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Goatlink 11 is not required but provides improvement in free-chain length (better shifting, less wear), bringing free chain length back to better than with an 11-42 cassette.
  • 11-40:  11-13-15-18-21-24-27-31-35-40-45 -> Weight (XTR) = 410g   Weight (XT) = 490g
  • 11-42:   11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-37-42-45 -> Weight = 510g
  • Material 7075-T6
  • Weight - 98g
  • Colors - Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Gold
  • Designed and made by us in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA