Тормоз TRP Spyke

Finally a mechanical disc brake for mountain bikes and fat bikes that offers superior performance and is a snap to set up. The Spyke is a dual sided mechanical caliper where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This results in even pad wear and easy pad adjustment with the addition of a barrel adjuster. No longer is adjusting the whole caliper necessary as the pads wear. All of this in a 169g (per caliper) package that works with all linear pull levers. Caliper and mounting bolts included only.
9 970 руб

Товар отсутствует

-Dual sided actuation

-Even pad wear

-Easy adjustment and set up

-Works with ALL linear pull levers 

-TRP's own ultra-grippy semi-metallic pad that is Shimano M525/M515 compatible allowing for further customization

- Compound works well in dry conditions but may wear quickly in wet/muddy conditions

-Available in sandblasted matte black 

-Rotor and adapters sold separately 

-Weight: 170g/caliper per wheel